Wall Panels

Wall Panels

Wet Wall Works is one of the leading manufactures and importers of PVC & Marine Ply Wall Panels in the UK. All our Panels are 100% Waterproof and perfect for a Bathroom, Shower Enclosure or as a kitchen splashback. We stock the full range from Multipanel, Vox Kerradeco, Fibo & Boniplas along with our own label range. The advantage of using Panels over tiles is you can create the desired look at a fraction of the cost, weight, time to install with very little maintenance needed. We have seen a huge shift away from tiles for this very reason and with over 200+ styles of Wall Panels available you'll be hard to find a larger supplier of Wall Panels in the UK.


Our PVC panels are made from ultra-durable PVC, all with a tight tongue and groove waterproof join. We cater for all sizes starting off at 250mm going up to 1.2-meter-wide panels, depths from 5mm to 10mm and lengths from 2.4 meters up to 4 meters. Our inner construction gives our panels unbeatable strength with limited weight so are perfect for walls & ceilings.


We produce two types of PVC Panels, both ideal as a Bathroom Panel / Shower Panel. The standard PVC Panel produced and imported from China has a film glued to the panel whereas our Premium PVC Wall Panels are digitally printed directly to the PVC Sheet in the UK. The Premium PVC Panel gives a near seamless join as the graphic flows directly from one panel on to the next and we can create a clever 3D effect. Samples of our Wall Panels are available to help you pick the correct colour for your project as we appreciate our range is overwhelming. The Wall Panel Samples give you a better idea on the true colour of our products compared to viewing on your monitor/mobile and you will see the quality.


We have our own in-house Marine Ply brand which sits alongside Multipanel, Fibo, Rearo and the Nu-Style Perform Wall Panel Ranges. Marine Ply Wall Panels are perfect for Bathrooms /Shower enclosure as the face is 100% waterproof. Our panels range in widths starting at 600mm going up to 1.2 metres wide, 2.4 metres high and 11mm thick. Marine Ply panels are constructed from seven layers of premium water-resistant tropical hardwood with each layer affixed using waterproof grade to prevent de-lamination. On top of the Marine Ply there is a laminate which shows off the design. The laminates can be either Matt or Gloss, Smooth or textured but all have a tight waterproof locking tongue & groove system. Apart from keeping water out, the Tongue & Groove give a near seamless join which depending on design is visually needed. Our Tile Style Wall Panel Range is an example where you don’t want to see joins and our panels look and feel like real tiles but with all the benefits you get from panel.


Finally, we have a game changer in the Panel industry with the Vox Kerradeco Panels. These are made from a composite PVC with a solid inner core. Vox Kerradeco Panels are 9mm thick, 100% waterproof and as these wall panels have Tongue & roove on all four edges mean they can be stacked to any height and width. There is no need to use a joining strip which is why it’s been so popular with hotels in their bathroom but also in receptions. These Wall Panels are impact resistant, help to insulate a room with the Insulative Properties plus help to reduce noise.


We have our fingers on the pulse and work closely with other manufacturers which is why we are one of the leaders in the wall panel industry.

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