PVC Bathroom Panels

PVC Bathroom Panels

PVC Bathroom Panels are relatively inexpensive and a great alternative to ceramic tiles for covering your bathroom shower walls as they are 100% waterproof. They are made from polyvinyl chloride, which is a firm plastic with a honeycomb core which gives them so many benefits over tiles and they can be used for the ceiling as well as walls.


PVC bathroom panels are easy to install as they are lightweight and easy to cut to size, making them simple to install for both professionals and DIYers. When cutting PVC panels, we would recommend using a saw such as a jigsaw or circular saw. You can also use a handsaw, but it will take more effort and time but make sure it is fine-toothed blade to ensure a clean, straight cut. For more information on how to cut Bathroom Panels please view this link.


Once installed you’ll find them easy to clean and maintain as PVC bathroom panels do not absorb moisture, which minimizes the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria. A damp cloth with mild detergent will keep them looking new.


We have one of the largest selections of PVC Bathroom Panels in the UK and using the filter you can choose various widths, colours, patterns, and finishes, allowing you to create a unique and personalized look for your bathroom. All our PVC Bathroom Panels have a Tongue & Groove (T&G) which when locked to another panel help give a seamless join and prevents water reaching the back of the panel.  Don’t forget to use sealant also when fitting the panels.


We always recommend using the 10mm thick PVC Bathroom Panels on walls as they are stronger against impact whereas for the ceiling, you’d be looking at the 250mm wide by 5mm or 8mm thick as the panels need to be light and you won’t need to worry about impact as they are above your head.


We pride ourselves in the quality of our PVC Bathroom Panels as they are made specifically for us. We have two manufacturing procedures where we print directly to a film which is adhered to the PVC panel and the other way using a digital printer where the graphic goes directly onto the pvc panel. The filmed panel are slightly more cost effective as the graphic doesn’t flow from one panel to the next but if you are choosing a single colour or needing 2 panels for a shower then it doesn’t matter. The digital PVC panels do have the added benefit where the graphic flows from one panel to another. As an example, choosing one of our slate premiums panels gives you the effect of a natural wall of sate. The 3D printer gives the illusion of a rough slate wall and as the graphic flows from one panel to the next you can’t see the join at all.


Both manufacturing process have a choice of Gloss or Matt. The Gloss panels help to reflect light around a room, so if your bathroom is lacking in natural day light this is a strong option. Alternatively, if you have lots of light in your bathroom the matt helps to soften the room and works well in a shower as it doesn’t pick up the outline of yourself.


We stock a wide range of PVC and Aluminium Trims to compliment the finish of your panels. End caps, Externals and internal corner trims aren’t just for visuals but act to help prevent water from reaching the inner core of the panel. Sealants must be used when fitting the trims as this helps bond the trim to the panel acting as a barrier to keep water out.


We have a lot to say about PVC Bathroom Shower Panels and if you can’t find the information on our site please give us a call on 0300 3035553.


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