Decorative Slat Wall Panels

With the selection of slat wall panels offered by the Wet Wall Works, you can give your interiors some personality. Decorative Slat Wall Panels are the perfect choice for anyone interested in interior design for their home or commercial projects as they are excellent choice for enhancing any space. They may be used to divide a space into separate regions by adding a feature wall, to add texture to a bland area, or to lessen sound reverberation in loud areas of the home. These chic, lightweight decorative slat wall panels come in a variety of shapes and textures, from simple solid colours to Scandinavian wood-effect panelling and are simple to install and maintain. Find the ideal panelling element for your house now by exploring the extensive choice of slat wall panels in our collection below.


How Many Decorative Slat Wall Panels Do I Need?

Decorative Slat Wall Panels are used as a feature. In your home this might be directly behind you bed, on the wall in your sitting room, down your hall or in your dinning room. In a commercial property quite often companies are using our Slat Wall Panels in the reception area. To work out how many you need, measure the width and height of the wall and then divide that figure in millimetres by the width of our panels taking into account the starter and end trim.


How Do You Fit Decorative Wall Panels?

Decorative Slat wall installation is a quick and simple. You don't need to be a joiner, just follow our techniques which only requires a few basic, readily available tools. 


You will need: 

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Spirit Level
  • Fine Toothed Hand Saw or Jigsaw
  • Grab Adhesive


Once you have measured the wall and worked out how many panels you need, use a fine tooth hand saw or jigsaw to trim the panels to the required size. Place your starter trim into place using a fast grab adhesive and then keep repeating the steps until the area of the wall or ceiling is covered in the slat wall panels. We would recommend using a tube of adhesive per 3 planks, applying it in a zig zag pattern on the back.

Please take note that the slat panels need to be left in the area where they will be placed for 24 hours to equalise their temperatures with the surrounding air.


What Sizes Are Your Decorative Slat Wall Panels

Our Slat Wall Panels measure 2.6 metres high, 122mm wide and 12mm deep but we have a number of variations for each slat. We have a large Slat Wall Panel which each slat measure 22.5mm and it’s Smaller version which measures 12mm per slat.

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