Kerradeco - Wall Panels

Kerradeco - Wall Panels

Vox Kerradeco is an interior design brand that prides itself for its innovative and high quality wall panels made from hardened, solid-core foam with a wide array of luxurious designs and patterns. The hard foam make up of these panels make them light and easy to manipulate, but the solid core makes them highly durable against impact once installed.


Vox Kerradeco wall panels are designed with a smooth, waterproof surface that’s easy to clean, the foam interior resists moisture and provides increased sound insulation to the room and it’s non-flammable to boot. Kerradeco panels have Tongue & Groove edging across all four edges, allowing for a solid connection not just across the wall but also allows for the panels to be stacked vertically as high as needed.


The Kerradeco line boasts luxurious collections that can be used not just for the bathroom, but in kitchens as well to create the atmosphere of a fancy hotel or a high end coffee shop. These collections include the Urban, Stone and Timber Collections and each can compliment one another as you might choose to use one style/colour as a featured wall and the another for the rest of the room.

Bathroom Fitters love Kerradeco as each tile on average is 1300mm long and 300mm wide. Using a fine bladed hand or jigsaw they can easily be cut and can be fitted in those awkward spots. Kerradeco Wall Panels can be glued directly to any surface using our wow adhesive which saves time and costs. For more information on fitting follow this useful guide.


Wet Wall Works provides End Caps, Internal and External Trims in satin or polished metal, chrome, black and white to be mixed and matched with your chosen panels for protection and a burst of extra colour. Choose our 10mm trims as the panels are 9mm but you need that extra 1mm once the sealant has been applied.




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