Guide to Installation

How many wall panels will I need?

Measuring how many boards you need couldn’t be easier, simply measure the walls you are looking to Wet Wall, take the total length and round up to the nearest meter, eg. if a wall is 1.7m you would need 2 boards.

If you are using the 250mm boards, follow the same process but multiply the total by 4. For example if the wall is 1.7m you would take 2 x 4 meaning you would need 8 boards.

How many ceiling panels do I need? 

To find out how many of our ceiling panels you need is very similar to working out how many 250mm wall boards you need. Take the length of the shortest wall and round up to the nearest meter and multiply by 4 and you have the desired amount.

How do I attach the boards to the wall?

To attach our boards to the wall you simply take the WOW adhesive and apply 2 tubes to the wall and place the board on top of the adhesive.

Can I put it straight on top of tiles?

Yes, to save you time and money we supply WOW Pro which is specially formulated to stick our boards directly onto tiles or any other non-porous surface you may come across.

How many trims do I need?

To work out how many trims you need follow these guidelines,

Internal – Count how many internal corners are in the room.

External – Count how many External corners are in the room and add 4 on to go round your window and door

End Caps – Anywhere a board is going to finish and leave an exposed edge.

How do I cut the boards?

Cutting the boards is super easy! Use a regular hand saw when cutting our PVC boards and for our other boards you will need a circular or a table saw.


We do not recommend fitting Panels of different width and sizes in the same project as they are manufactured at different times so will be different batches.

As outlined in our terms and conditions and as stated in our marketing, Wet Wall Works are not in any way responsible for the preparation of the wall surface, or have any liability related to the installation process which of course will be completed by a third party. However to assist with the process of installation please be aware the material involved will require a tolerance gap of up-to 3mm. Please make the third-party aware of this issue. You the Customer must take full responsibility for acting upon any recommendations made by Wet Wall Works. Thank you.