Wet Wall Range

Wet Wall Range

You need to waterproof your walls in a Bathroom but you really only have two choices, so Why Choose Bathroom Panels over Tiles? The advantages Bathroom Wet Wall Panels have is quite simple, 100% waterproof as there is no grout, it's a cost effective solution in both the material and the time taken for fitting the panels, easy to maintain and to keep clean.


Wet Wall Works is a leading manufacture and supplier of PVC, Marine PLY and Solid Core Waterproof Wall Panels suitable for Bathrooms, Shower & Bath Enclosures. We import our bathroom panels direct from the factory which keeps continuity with batch colours and quality. We stock hundreds of designs that will match any style and are able to keep our costs down which get passed directly on to our customers as we are buying direct.


The quality on all materials are premium but as you will see there is a range in prices. A quick explanation in the differences in our bathroom panels are material. The PVC Wet Wall Bathroom Panels are not solid, instead have a honeycomb core which enables the panels to carry little weight but are strong from impact. The PVC Bathroom Wall Panels start from 5mm thick which is ideal for the ceiling as they are light and 250mm wide. Generally speaking customers will use 250mm wide bathroom panels for the ceiling and metre wide panels for the walls. PVC Bathroom Wall panels don't have any texture, instead texture is created with clever 3D printing effect which can be seen in our Premium Wet Wall PVC Panels.

If you aren't interested in PVC Bathroom Wall Panels then we manufacturer Marine Ply or Solid Core Panels. The Marine Ply Panels are made from seven layers of hardwood, glued together with waterproof adhesive with a laminate to the front. Our Marine Ply Bathroom Panels are sold with a smooth finish or with texture and mimic real marble, gemstones and timber core. ​


Our Tile Style Wall Panels is a particular bathroom wall panel we love. These Wall Panels look and feel like real tiles as they have a grout line built into the laminate and there is a near seamless join between panels. Some of the Tile Style Wall Panels have a bevelled effect so has a 3D touch. You'd never know the difference between the Tile Style Wall Panels and real Tiles apart from ours look perfect, which is the look you're after.

Take a look at our Wet Wall Range below and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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