Stone Effect Panels

Stone Effect Panels

If you want a unique and naturalistic aesthetic for your bathroom but don’t have the time or space for expensive marble walls or tiles, then what you’ll need is one of our wall panels from the Stone Effect collection.


Although they have the appearance of stone, these panels come in an assortment of materials, including PVC, Marine Ply and Kerradeco. PVC is a lightweight plastic with a honeycomb centre, Marine Ply has seven layers of hardwood and a laminate surface bound with a water-based adhesive and Kerradeco is a solid core, hardened foam material that resists moisture and impact.

All of these materials are easy to install and easy to clean with little more than a damp cloth. They all feature a Tongue and Groove edge for a watertight connection and Marine Ply also has the option of straight edge for your installation preferences.


The stone collection features an array of designs, both naturalistic and man-made; such as an urban Concrete Loft, a gorgeous Bianca Luna marble, a contemporary Lentini Light, the cool Kelpie Slate or a geode-like Ardesia.


Wet Wall Works provides edge trims and end caps in polished or satin metal, chrome, black and white, providing both a waterproof seal and burst of colour to mix and match with your wall panels as well as the necessary adhesives.


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