Tilestyle Panels

Tilestyle Panels

When decorating your bathroom, your mind instantly goes to fancy bathroom tiles to line your walls. Tiles may look nice, but ceramic tiles require constant maintenance to keep clean with the grout, they are more likely to crack or shatter on impact and are also time-consuming to install. Wet wall panels are a cost-effective but equally high-quality alternative to tiles, as they are easy to install and can be maintained with a regular wipe with a damp cloth.


But if your heart is absolutely set on having a tiled effect to your bathroom but you still want the durability that wet wall panels provide, then look no further than Wet Wall Works Tilestyle collection!


This collection features our own designs as well as designs from both Fibo and Multipanel and boast a wide array of colours and shapes; such as a Patchwork Black Premium, Hexagonal White Silk, Dust Grey and more. These panels can have both bevelled effects and faux grout design to create the illusion of genuine tiles without the hassle of maintenance.


You can choose between Multipanel, which comes in a Composite Ply makeup at 3 millimetres thick, making it a sturdy and easy to handle material, and Fibo’s Marine Ply boards made with seven layers of hardwood and a laminate surface, adding up to 11 millimetres in thickness. Fibo panels connect through a Tongue and Groove aqualock and Multipanel features both Tongue & Groove and Straight Edge connection points.


End caps and external trims are also available in polished or satin metal, chrome, black and white as both a seal and an extra burst of colour to mix and match with your panels, Wet Wall Works also provides our own brand of WOW Pro adhesives for sealing and binding.




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