Acoustic QuickSlat

Acoustic QuickSlat


The quickest and easiest method to enhance the personality of your indoor space. Drawing inspiration from modern trends, slatwall panels serve as an excellent means to elevate any area within your home. These panels offer a simple remedy infusing outdoor aesthetics within. Whether its wood veneer paneling renowned for its remarkable sound-absorbing attributes or waterproof designs meticulously crafted for spaces with elevated humidity levels. These elegant and lightweight panels are user-friendly when it comes to installation and upkeep. They’re accessible in a variety of designs and finishes, spanning from sleek monochromatic hues to the inviting wood-effect patterns reminiscent of Scandinavian aesthetics, there’s a slat wall option tailored to every room. Delve into our inclusive selection of slat wall panels featured below and embark on the journey of finding the ideal panelling solution for your home today.


What are the different types of Slat Wall Panels?

Among our array of Slat Wall panels, you'll discover two distinct variants: Acoustic SlatWall and Waterproof SlatWall. These two options differ primarily in their composition, which in turn imparts unique sets of properties to each.


What are Acoustic Slat Wall Panels made from?

Crafted from eco-conscious materials, the Acoustic panels have a completely sustainable composition. Utilizing recycled plastic, the acoustic felt ensures a responsible choice, while the slats are created from MDF featuring a veneer exterior. This veneer, an ultra-thin layer of wood, aligns with sustainability principles by optimizing tree usage, extending our planet's valuable resources. Additionally, it replicates the captivating aesthetics of solid wood, encompassing its inherent organic tones and intricate patterns in a lightweight presentation. The panels not only exude immense visual appeal but also uphold ecological considerations. With QuickSlat, your purchase not only transforms your surroundings but also contributes positively to the ecosystem.


What are the properties of the Acoustic Slat Wall?

Our QuickSlat wall panels offer exceptional soundproofing capabilities, enriching your room's acoustical qualities. These panels provide an ideal resolution for effective sound absorption and reducing noise reverberation within your area. This is attributed to the specific materials and formation. Unlike sound waves reflecting off a smooth surface, these panels channel vibrations through the 12mm gaps between slats, which are then absorbed by the felt material, resulting in a pronounced noise reduction effect.


What are the Waterproof Slat Wall Panels made from?

Crafted from veneer-coated polystyrene, the QuickSlat panels embody a contemporary material that also boasts complete recyclability. While these slat panels exhibit waterproof qualities, they are however, not watertight. This style of paneling can be incorporated into interiors with elevated humidity levels, including bathrooms. However, it's essential to ensure these panels avoid direct contact with water in such environments.


What are the properties of Waterproof Slat Wall?

Much like the Acoustic SlatWall, the Waterproof SlatWall Panels also have great soundproofing and acoustical enriching qualities. However, unlike the Acoustic SlatWall, these panels are also waterproof. Due to the veneer-coated polystyrene, the panels will not absorb water therefore allowing them to be suitable for the high humidity levels.


What would be the suitable environment for Slat Wall Panels?

The versatility of QuickSlat panels makes them an ideal fit for both residential and commercial purposes. Whether you're undertaking interior design endeavours for your residence, revamping a restaurant, or engaged in expansive hotel ventures, these panels are a seamless match. If you require our consultation expertise, we’d be happy to arrange a meeting to explore your requirements, whatever the scale of your project.


How do I install Slat Wall Panels?

Installing these panels is a rapid and straightforward process—just affix them to your chosen wall using adhesive or opt for screws and pins. If you require customization, trimming to precise dimensions is a breeze with a sharp saw or jigsaw.


How do I look after Slat Wall Panels?

Maintenance of QuickSlat wall panelling is effortless, requiring a simple wipe-down using a dust broom, a vacuum cleaner, or a damp cloth.

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