These solid-core Kerradeco panels are made of non-flammable hardened PVC composite foam that’s light and easy to work with. These panels are impact resistant, waterproof and sound insulating once installed and are smooth and easy to maintain with a wipe from a damp cloth.


Solid-core panels feature a wide selection of sumptuous designs from a line of Kerradeco collections, such as the Stone Collection, the Timber Collection and the Urban Collection; which feature Stone Moon, African Wood and Grey Stone. Kerradeco solid-core panels also have Tongue and Groove edging on all edges, so not only can they be connected across the wall but can also be stacked to the height you need with a solid and near-seamless connection.


Wet Wall Works also sells End Caps and Edge Trims in satin or polished metal, chrome, black and white so you can mix and match with your chosen panels for protection and a burst of extra colour. Wet Wall Works also supplies our own brand of WOW Adhesive for binding and sealing.

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