What Trims Do I Need Fitting Shower Panels?


If you aren't in the bathroom trade, we appreciate choosing the correct trim can seem daunting. The diagram below shows a typical bathroom and where each trim should be fitted and the name of each trim.


Most of our wall panels have Tongue & Groove edges which means you won't need any joining trims (H-Trims) but you will need trims for corners and to cap any exposed edges. Choice of material and colour is completely up to to you and hopefully the information which follows guides you in the right direction on what you should purchase.

End Cap Trims

End Cap Trims, Starter Trims and J-Trims all do the same job. These trims are used to hide any exposed edges which makes your project look pleasing to the eye but practically once sealant is used they prevent water from reaching the inner core of the panel.

End Caps come in a variety of Materials, Sizes and Colours. When choosing an end cap make sure you are selecting the correct size for your panel. Choosing a 1 metre wide PVC Panel that's 10mm thick will need a trim that's 10mm. Make sure before purchasing you know the thickness of your wall panel.

Internal Corner Trims

Internal Corner Trims are used to fit panels at 90°. If you have a shower tray and you have panels going on two walls you will need this trim so water will not penetrate through to the back. At Wet Wall Works you will see we have a vast range of colours in both PVC and Aluminium, some you see and others which are hidden behind the panel. It's completely your personal choice if you'd like part of the trim showing or not, but again make sure you are purchasing the correct size of trim for the panel. 

If you need a trim that is to sit in a corner of a room or when a wall reaches the ceiling then you can use a Quadrant Trim. Often when a panel hasn't been cut in a perfect straight line a quadrant trim hides this.

External Trims

External Trims are again used for a 90° corner but in the opposite direction from an Internal corner. An example would be if you had a pillar in a room which was being boxed by wall panels. To cover the end of each panel you would use this trim which keeps things pleasant to the eye whilst preventing water reaching the inner core of the panel

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