How Wet Wall Works

Sick and tired of scrubbing away at mouldy old grout? Can’t be bothered with the hassle of scrapping out the old grout and risk chipping the tiles? Tiles coming off the wall and you have no idea how to fix it and make it waterproof again? Looking for a new modern look for your bathroom? Don’t have the time to hire a Tiler and spend days re tiling your room?


Wet Wall Works has the answer to all these questions and more. Our Wet Wall Panels offer a quick yet highly effective solution to all your problems. All our panels are 100% waterproof and come in a huge verity of colours, designs and sizes to give your room that much needed TLC. Gone are the days of scrubbing mouldy grout with a tooth brush. Save yourself all the hassle and spend more time doing the things you love.