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Kelpie Brick Wet Wall Panel - 1 Metre

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Kelpie Brick is as adventurous as you can be, with it's glossy exposed wall look, it brings the desired exposed brick look but keeps your room 100% waterproof. Use as a feature wall or in the shower area to create a room that is unlike any other. 

The Kelpie Brick Wall Panel is Tongue & Grooved which has been designed to fit firm when locked against another panel. This firm fit keeps the joins waterproof making this panel an excellent choice in an environment where it's in contact with water.

When fitting PVC Wall Panels, it’s important to use the correct adhesive as often panels will fit directly on to the underlying surface being tiles, plasterboard or stone. This is a time saving exercise and often reduces the cost of your project.

A few key features with this panel are that it’s achieved a Class 1 Fire rating, 100% Waterproof, Lead Free and easy to keep clean.

The height of this panel is 2.4 metres by 1 metre wide. It is 10mm thick and will only fit with other 10mm panels and trims.

If you have any questions, please contact us as our team will answer your query.